Happy Valentines Day!

This holiday is supposed to be full of love, surprises and romance. But when we get really honest with each other, that’s not always the case. I want to remind you that no matter your status is on Valentines Day, Jesus Christ loves you more than you can imagine.
He Loves:
1. The Single.
2. The Taken.
3. The Engaged.
4. The Married.
5. The Divorced.
6. The Widowed.
So now matter where you land on the relational map, you will always find love in a relationship with Jesus Christ. True love does not exist without Sacrifice. And Jesus Christ is the one who has paid the price. A celebration of love is a celebration of the one who is love.
John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

New Covenant: The Twelve Days of Rock Church

Either live out an old covenant message and replace grace with works. Or say no and get to grips how it was really meant to be with full fat Grace. We are free don't get bound by the old religious law that is now old and ageing and will soon disappear. The knowledge of Christ and the good news of the gospel should inspire us to do more not less!

1. You can come as you are. God loves you as you are not as you should be he loves your imperfections. We can be ourselves and walk our journey and find out who we truly are.

2. It is finished. Jesus took away the first to establish the second covenant. The New Covenant puts you in perfect standing with God even though you still arn't perfect.

3. Sins not the problem. Jesus was the offering to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself your sins and unrighteousness acts I will remember no more (Which ones all of them) sin was rendered powerless.

4. Law has no power. Jesus came to fulfil every bit of the law he came to abolish it.

5. Christ makes us righteous. We're in right standing with him because of his work. Stop trying to swim over the sea when there's a perfectly good ferry.

6. No condemnation. We can have a life blessed by grace because of the finished work of Christ.

7. We're not in trouble. We can never upset gods plans Gods work is water tight.

8. All is grace. Grace is outrageously unfair Grace declares we are winners before the game is over.

9. We're a messy church. We're all int the same boat, we're all broken and we have all sinned and fallen short. But jesus bridged the gap.

10. We're cracked pots. We're cracked pots let Jesus light shine through our imperfections. More light comes through a cracked pot than a perfect one.

11. Jesus shines through us.

12. We're accepted forgiven and loved. Don't miss the mystery. We are accepted forgiven and loved. Done!! You do not have to do anything for God to forgive you! its up to you whether you want to accept it. He's forgiven u so forgive yourself!

Romans 1:17For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”


2013 A Year Of Grace

The Old Testament law was made over 2000 years ago. Yet the church still preach and believe that Christians have to measure up to some moral standard or have to show complete obedience towards God otherwise if you don't your a sinner. The entire New Covenant screams the overwhelming good news of a loving, gracious God that didn’t primarily send His Son to come and change what we do, but to have a relationship with him and sit at the right hand of the farther, through GRACE.

The veil was torn for believers to be able to enter into the holy of holies basically have a connection with God with confidence and without fear not based on our own merits, but based on the perfect obedience of the one man Jesus Chris and his death on the cross, on our behalf. But through the centuries the church has sewed this veil right back up, depicting God as a harsh unloving God. Jesus received the full punishment for our sins and we received the full reward for His perfect obedience, and He imputed to us His Godly righteousness For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.” (Romans 1:17 NIV)

This does not say basically because Jesus set you free you can do what you want, because if we truly believe in God and love Him we would want to act Christ like to others and not just do what we want. Even though when we do mess up he still loves us and fills the gap. But the purpose is to preach the message of God’s unconditional love and acceptance in spite of our mistakes, a message that in the past has been preached in a confusing cocktail mixed up with old covenant law, the very thing Jesus died for to set us free from. Achievements and obedience have been preached at the cost of GRACE, causing many of us to be robbed of our confidence before God, always feeling somewhat unworthy. We are here to take the free gift of Grace given by his love.

Something happened to sin

This Saturday at the Rock of York we had the wonderful Christine Chapman she brough an amazing message absolutely full of truth. Chris is available on twitter at (@ScandalousGrace) To listen to Saturday's message follow the link——->; (http://www.rockchurch.org.uk/media/detail.asp?ID=244)

What happened to sin?

The law is met in us not fulfilled by us.
It was a gift of grace a one time thing that can never be undone.
We are righteous because it was given as a gift to those who believe
so even though you have sinned you are still righteous because it
was a gift. God isn't interested in your sin he's got it covered wit the
blanket of Grace. We are enough because Christ made up for our
shortcomings not because we got everything right and followed the rules. PAST, PRSENT, FUTURE!!!
This amazing gift of Grace is the unconditioned love of God seeking you out without you having to give out in return. God comes to us we don't go to him. Sin goes down and so does God it becomes heaven here on Earth. Through the cross the power of sin has been cut off it has been made powerless. He appeared once for all to do away with sin (Kill sin) by the sacrifice of himself. We were redeemed by the death of Christ he set us free, broke the chains. Chrsit compensates for our sin.
The force of sin still exists but is rendered powerless through Christ. When sin is hovering over you and law is raising its head Christ shouts even louder than law look at me.
In the temple there was about an 18 inch thich veil in one of the rooms behind the viel was ment to be the present of God. The veil separated people from God. It is finished when Christ died the veil was torn now people can connect of god. Sin has been made powerless so we can connect and have a relationship with him. Sin can not keep you out of the presence of God.The only thing that gets you into the presence of God is Jesus tearing the veil and his death on the cross that did away with sin. Love triumphed over the consequence of sin (death).
He is near us and in us on our good and bad days we are no longer separated from the love of God. We are children of God and we are home Jesus wants to be with us regardless of our behaviour Jesus has time for the likes of people like me recieve his loving gaze. LOVE ALWAYS WINS
We are children of God and we are already there we are home and Christ is in us nothing can separate us form the love of Christ. The veil is taken away when your are willing to come out of the box. God has made us been in time and in season and will fill the holes when you get out of the box. We love because we were touched by the unconditional love of God not because we have to. Jesus died for you, knowing you might never love Him back. THAT is true love.
Let get out the box and love,
Lets show people the loving gaze of Abba,
Nothing can truly separate us from the love of God,
Live the revelation.

Which Jesus do you follow?


Which Jesus do you follow?

This Saturday at the Rock of York we had a fabulous teaching from Anthony Chapman. You can find him on twitter at (@rockkiltlifter) To listen to Saturday's message follow this link: (http://www.rockchurch.org.uk/media/detail.asp?ID=242#)


There are two Jesus's the one of Abba daddy God or the domesticated Jesus the Jesus we like to shape and mould to be how we want him to be. Stop house training Jesus to not make a mess. Jesus will make a mess in your life but he will mess it up in a real good way. The Pharisees or shall we call them the religious crowd the ones who wanted the messiah. When he actually turned up on the scene they didn't want Jesus they wanted rid of him because he didn't fit the mould or shape they wanted Jesus to be.

Do you have room for the real Jesus?

He will mess up our lives in a real good way your heart connected to his, a relationship with him. Jesus says to people, follow me. Follow me means on the move the are always going somewhere so if your going to follow him you got to be willing to change and become. If you want to follow the real Jesus change has to come about you can not stay where your are or who you are. If you leave where and who you are Jesus will make you. Make you into the person you were made to be. He speaks to you for who you are the need is to follow him. Be willing to follow the Jesus of Abba daddy God not the house trained Jesus. We have become the people Jesus didn't want to be with the people who thought they had it all together just be willing and open. We become the religious crowd and don't want the Jesus of the gospels we want the house trained Jesus stop selling the unreal Jesus. We act like the religious crowd we contend with Jesus we need to deal with our Jesus and work with him. We are so immature lets grow up I don't want to follow a fake Jesus I want the Jesus of Abba.


Are you willing to leave the state your in and follow the Jesus of Abba.People need to be willing and hear the sound that connects you at heart level just you and Jesus. Live from the heart do it and your life gets sorted.If you here the sound he will make you stop trying to work things out. Be willing to crucify your Jesus and follow the Jesus of Abba. Don't let him be a religious icon just let him free in your heart God by the spirit wants to set us free.



There is a time and a season for everything

This Saturday at the Rock of York we had Anthony Chapman speak a fruity message. Anth is available on twitter at (@rockkiltlifter) To listen to Saturday's message follow the link——-> (http://www.rockchurch.org.uk/media/detail.asp?ID=240)

If you do the right things at the wrong time we get straggly bits that are not fruit bearing. But take life from the root from our heart and stop us from growing. Do you get a deep seated resentment for someone because of the straggly bits in your life not everything in life is their for us to be happy. If we ignore the straggly bits it will compromise our fruitfulness and stop us from growing and bearing fruit. There is a time and a season for everything under heaven. There is a time and a season for us to be pruned and for us to bear fruit. God prunes all our straggly bits he cuts away all the dead bits to let us grow. It is a process of making us smaller to make us into something bigger.Fruit is connected to root the straggly bits need to be cut of for our benefit to grow and bear fruit. Your blessedness is being compromised stop standing in front of sinners become friends because we can be pruned.


Don't compromise our blessedness there is a time and a season for everything. You are able to recognise the seasons to be pruned and the seasons to be blessed. The straggly bits need cutting up stop not listening and stop closing your eyes. Just be willing open your heart to God and just say I'm am willing to be pruned. God speaks much louder than an audible voice. Let people stretch your love. There is a time and a season for everything if you realise this you can grow and bear the fruits of the spirit. God loves you in all your stuff so just be willing. There is a time and season for everything don't miss your time, don't miss your season and don't miss your time to be pruned or you will mess up your fruitfulness if you do. Take care of business or your fruitfulness and blessedness will be compromised. We fight we don't want to get smaller to be bigger we keep wrestling and fighting with God. The things that offend us the most are to do with god more than the devil.There is a time and a season for everything and in acknowledgment in those things it is revealing. We let him love and prune us it makes us bigger and does not compromise our fruitfulness.

Stop pretending, and let soemthing real and good grow.Take a little time soon to identify and clear out the stragly bits in your life.

Let those fruits grow. Fruits of: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


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Let the Light Shine through our Cracks – @Chloe_Dudley123

This Saturday at the Rock of York we had a fabulous teaching from a broken man just like all of us are cracked and broken. His name is Anthony Chapman if I was to describe him I would have to say a big softy with the biggest heart for the love of Jesus I have ever seen he is a true inspiration to me. You can find him on twitter at (@rockkiltlifter) To listen to Saturday's message follow this link: (http://www.rockchurch.org.uk/media/detail.asp?ID=237)

http://www.crosswalk.com/video/unlike-christ-video.html <——– here is a video that is about a google search done by someone it shows the suggestions to when you put in a letter so they typed in why are Christians so then went through the alphabet words came up like; Cruel, condemning, angry, arrogant and unchristlike this actually shows what people think of Christians and how we act. I find it really sad that Christians are so unchristlike. People should be a living manifest of Christ because of his amazing grace if peole started living out there god given identity and started to love, accept and forgive I think people would think differently about Christians.

There is nothing worse than a Christian pretending their perfect. Let the light shine through your cracks! I know I do it a lot at school people probably see more of the real me then I would like them to but that's fine because God wants to see my cracks and I want to live in the light and be open and have my shadow on show. I actually find it more harder at church to be me because if you really knew me you would know I am a very loud, angry person with not the best childhood or the fact I argue with my parents day and day out but I absolutely adore them and it only takes one thing and I snap but at church you probablly see the always happy Chloe who just hides evrything I am so glad at the Rock of York that I am loved and accepted for me and not as I should be.

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. (Romans 12:9 NIV)

The history of the word 'Sincere' derives the modern from the Latin 'Sine' ('Without')and 'Cera' ('Wax'), and is attributed to ancient Rome, where sculptors would hide imperfections in their marble with wax later covered with chalk. A 'sine cera' sculpture, or one without wax, was one presumably without flaws, presented honestly, hiding nothing.

Everyone is like a pot that carries life. But not everyone carries a presence that blesses others. Religion tries to force people to follow laws to make them perfect, like pots without cracks. But if a light is put within a flawless pot and then covered, no one is able to see the light inside the pot. Perfect pots are not able to reveal internal light to illumine the way for others.

God chooses to shine through imperfect, cracked pots. People are blessed when our cracked pots let the light of Jesus shine through. Choose to be a glory-filled, cracked pot rather than an empty, pretty vessel.

We are perfected in Christ. Stop waxing those cracks. Just be glad we're all crack pots ;)

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Teenage View on the Pew – @Chloe_Dudley123

This Saturday at the Rock of York we had a lovely speaker with the biggest heart her name is Christine Chapman. She is available on twitter at (@Scandalous Grace) To listen to Saturdays message follow this link:(http://www.rockchurch.org.uk/media/detail.asp?ID=235)

Now this Saturday we introduced a refreshment area in our church foyer to get hot or cold drinks to take in to the meeting and also cookies and pastries. But we did it for free and lots of people were asking why and I explained to them it was to express community and it was basically to serve people and to serve God. It was nice just to see the smiles on people’s faces and the feel of community and love. I really felt that we were connecting to people.

To kick start the night we had some fab singing from our amazing band and singing team with a brand new song written by our pianist which was an absolutely amazing song. Before we did the new song beth the youth leader got up and just explained her week about how she had helped and talked to some lads in a prison chaplaincy she helps at. One of the boys mentioned a video about a lion that he watched when he was 14 which set him up for life. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btuxO-C2IzE) <—-here is the video

In 1969 a couple saw a lion cub for sale in harrods, cramped and lonely in a small cage they decided to bring him home. A local vicar allowed them to exercise the cub, now named Christian, in the church grounds but he very quickly became to big for their flat. The only thing they could do was to try and reintroduce him into Africa, which they managed to do a year later they wanted to visit him but were told that he was now head of his own pride and as such was completely wild and would not remember them. Undaunted they went any. After many hours of looking for the pride, they find him and he ran up to them and licked and hugged and loved them. He even introduced his wife.

Love crosses all boundaries, true freindship lasts for a lifetime. Exactly like in Romans-8:39 it says that neither Height nor depth or anything else in creation can seperate us from the love of God which is Christ Jesus. That nothing no mistake or failure or wrongdoing will stop God from loving you. This video helped me to realise that no matter what I can love anyone no matter how many times they missed the mark. Now im bad at this if anyone has done something straight away I am guaranteed first one to point the finger of judgement and this video inspired me this week to love without boundaries.

Last Wednesday night Anth mentioned the good old classic phrase everyone has a story but flipped it on it’s head and actually said that we are a story our life is a story. If we are a story because of that our life is still been written and the hand is still on the pen and because the hand is still on the pen the end has not yet been written. Don’t let previous chapters define you keep writing. New pages every day!

We don’t make enough of the finished work of Christ. We revert back to old covenant when we try to understand. We know that it’s finished in Christ and that he is enough so why do we go through life so worried about everything. We worry so much and we have an old covenant view but all God is saying is I love you. I love you as you are not as you should be.

The bible was not made for us to read alone it was supposed to be read in groups to iron it out so someone could say no when he was saying this he was saying it to this group of people. So it doesn’t apply to us so don’t get all worked up about it. People get all worried and feel ashamed and try to gain things by their own efforts and grab the first thing closest to the them whatever that may be but Jesus removes all accusation and contradiction So the only thing to gain is him. Focus on Jesus and not the problem every time you miss the mark he looks at you with a loving gaze and tells you he loves you.

Understand who we are in his eyes and we will start to become who we really are. Stop obsessing over how many times you’ve missed the mark instead obsess over the Son. Dont try to own your sin get your eyes on the perfector! With Love, Go and sin no more. Don’t forget what grace did. Don’t go back to building your life yourself but remember that love sees you as you are not as you should be.


Just a little thing for you to think about: What would the church be like if we had no Bible but only knew that a righteousness is revealed by faith from first to last and only new about about the law of grace?

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Chloe Dudley’s Blog

The light and my Shadow

This Saturday at the Rock of York we had an inspiring message from Joel Chapman available on twitter (JCsinger1982) you can Listen to it here at this web address (http://t.co/DhFr6FnT) it will eventually be uploaded on to the Rock of York’s YouTube channel also.

Now Joel’s main point was that the closer we get to the light the more of our shadow that we will see. The problem people have with this is that we feel naked before Christ and that we are very open and potentially we could get hurt. But the amazing thing is that being able to to come Christ means you can show all your stuff, scars, wounds. Now people run from the fact that coming to CHIRST shows all your stuff that before you probably would of hidden from. But what they need to realise is that Jesus because of the sacrifice of himself that we can now come as we are with all our stuff and still be totally loved, accepted and forgiven.

There are two types of people you are either a Son worshipper or a shadows manger think are you managing your shadow keeping it will hidden and being quite closed or you living in the light loving the sun and being tottally open. Our shadows are a spectacle of grace if we trust Grace we don’t have to hide who we are.